Comprehensive American Whiskey Distillery Index

In college,  I was always looking for a bargain when trying to find something to drink. Jim Beam was my go to when mixing with Coke. At the time, I did not fully appreciate the differences between Kentucky Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey. I gravitated away from Jack Daniels at the time and every bar had that whiskey. Since then, I have grown to appreciate all types of whiskey.

List to beat all lists:

This comprehensive American Whiskey Distillery Index is here to wet your appetite. Will add more as we keep expanding our collection and sampling. If you looking for something on the international flare, look at our Irish Whiskey Distilleries Complete listing.


Black Patch Distilling
Dead River
Irons One Distilling 
John Emerald Distilling
Keel & Co Distillery 


Alaska Grown Spirits
Amalga Distillery
Anchorage Distillery 
Port Chilkoot Distillery 


Crystal Ridge Distillery 
Delta Dirt Distillery
Rocktown Distillery 


Advent Stills
Arizona Distillery
Care Free Spirits
Desert Diamond Distillery 
Desert Rock Industries
Elgin Distillery
Thumb Butte Distillery 
San Tan Spirits
Whiskey Delbac
Wild Hare Distillery 


10th Street Distillery 
117 Spirits
Alchemy Distillery 
Alley 6
Barber Lee Spirits
Bay Area Distilling
Blinking Owl Distillery 
Cali Distilling 
California Distilled Spirits
Channel Island Distillery 
Charbay Distillery 
Corbin Cash Distillery 
Cutler Artisan Spirits
Devils Creek Distillery 
Drift Distillery 
Dry Diggings Distillery 
Forager Spirits
Foggy Bottom Distillery
Fog’s End Distillery 
Galway Spirits
Griffo Distillery 
Gold River Distillery 
Hanson of Sonoma Distillery 
Kalifornia Distilleries
Krobar Distillery 
Los Angeles Distillery 
Mosswood Distillery 
Moylans Distillery 
Oak Hurst Spirits
Old World Spirits
Oceanside Distillers
Owens Valley Distilling Company
Patio 29
R6 Distillery 
Raff Distillery 
Rapscalllion Spirits 
Redwood Empire Distillery 
Rod & Hammer’s Slo Still
St. George Spirits
Savage and Cooke
San Diego Distillery 
San Diego Sunshine
Shadow Ridge Spirits Company
Shelter Distilling 
Sonoma Brothers Distilling 
Spirit Works Distillery 
Stark Spirits 
Surf City Stillworks
Sutherland Distilling 
Tree Craft Distillery 
Venus Spirits 
Wright & Brown Distilling Co
Young and Yonder


10th Whiskey
1350 Distilling 
Abbot and Wallace
Axe and the Oak
Bear Creek Distillery 
Black Bear Distillery 
Block Distilling Company
Boulder Spirits 
Breckenridge Distillery 
Cockpit Distillery 
Copper Sky Distillery 
Deer Hammer
Denver Distillery 
Distillery 291
Distillery Centennial
Downslope Distilling 
Dry Land Distillers
Elkins Distillery 
Fiesty Spirits
The Heart Distillery 
Hogback Distillery
Laws Whiskey House
Mythology Distillery 
Old Elk
Rising Sun Distillery 
Sand Creek Distillery 
Snitching Lady Distillery
State 38 Distillery 
Stranahans Distillery 
Steamboat Whiskey
Woods Distillery 
Woody Creek Distillers


Berkshire Mountain Distillers
Continuum Distilling 
Fifth State Distillery 
Litchfield Distillery 
Sono 1420
Watercure Farms


Dogfish Brewery & Distillery
Painted Stave


Burlock and Barrel
Fish Hawk Spirits 
Florida Cane
Horse Soldier Bourbon
James 2 Brothers 
JLA Distillery 
Kozuba Distillery 
List Distillery 
Loaded Cannon Distillery 
Manifest Distilling 
Rollins Distillery 
St. Augustine Distillery 
Timber Creek Distillery 
Wildbuck Whiskey
Winterpark Distilling 


2nd City Distilling 
ASW Distillery
Ghost Coast Distillery 
Independent Distilling 
Lazy Guy Distillery 
Old Fourth Ward Distilling
Spirits USA
Thirteenth Colony


Koolau Distillery 
Haliimaile Distilling 


Bardenay Distillery 
Grand Teton Distillery 
Up North Distillery 
Warfield Distillery 


28 Mile Distillery
Almighty Spirits
Black Band Distillery 
Blaum Brothers
Barn Stormer Distillery 
Chicago Distilling
Copper Fiddle Distillery 
Few Spirits 
Judson & Moore
JK Williams Distilling 
Kennay Farms Distillery 
Koval Distillery 
Maplewood Brewery & Distillery 
Oppidan Spirits 
Quincy Street Distillery 
Rush Creek Distillery 
Spirit Water Distillery 
Stumpy’s Spirits 
Thornton Distilling 
Whiskey Acres
Witness Distillery 
Wolf Point Distilling


Bear Wallow Distillery 
Spirits of Frenchlick


Cat’s Eye Distillery 
Cedar Ridge Whiskey
Century Farms
Dehner Distillery 
Foundry Distilling Company
Green Frog Distillery 
Iowa Distilling 
Iowa Legendary Rye
Lonely Oak Distillery 
Mississippi River Distilling Company 
Rock Filter Distillery 
S&B Farms Distillery 
Templeton Distillery 
Two Jay’s Iowa Distillery 


Boothill Distillery 
Bull Creek Distillery 
High Plains Distillery 
Holladay Distilling 
J. Rieger Company 
Lifted Spirits 
Restless Spirits Distilling 
SD Strong Distilling 
Smokey Valley Distillery 
Tom’s Town Distillery
Union Horse Distilling 
West Bottoms Whiskey 


Angel’s Envy
Bardstown Bourbon
Barton / 1792
Boone County Distillery
Buffalo Trace Distillery 
Castle and Key Distillery 
Four Roses Bourbon
Heaven Hill Distillery 
Jim Beam Distillery
Kentucky Artisan Distillery 
Kentucky Peerless
Limestone Branch Distillery
Lux Row Distillers
Maker’s Mark distillery
New Riff Distilling
Old Forester Distillery
Old Pogue Distilling 
Rabbit Hole Distillery
Wild Turkey
Wilderness Distillery
Willet Distillery
Woodford Reserve


Liquid Riot
Maine Craft Distilling 
Mossy Ledge Spirits 
New England Distilling 
Split Rock Distilling 
Stone Fort Spirits
Stroud Water Distillery 
Sweet Grass Winery
Wiggly Bridge Distillery 


Baltimore Spirits 
Black Water Distilling 
Bluedyer Distilling
Bullshine Distillery 
Dragon Distillery 
Lost Ark Distilling
McClintock Distilling 
Misc Distillery 
Oldline Spirits
Sagamore Spirits
Sang Froid Distilling
Tobacco Barn Distillery
Twin Valley Distillery 


Blackshire Distillery 
Copper Mule Distillery 
Copper run Distillery 
Crown Valley Brewery & Distilling  
Dog Master Distillery 
Farm and Spirit
Fernweh Distilling 
Holladay Distillery 
J. Rieger Company
Lifted Spirits
Missouri Ridge Distillery
Ozark Distillery 
Ozark Whiskey
Pinckney Bend Distillery 
Restless Spirits Distilling 
Samuel Berton Distilling
SD Strong Distilling 
Spirits of St. Louis Distillery 
Still 630
Switch Grass Spirits
Tom’s Town Distillery 
Union Horse Distilling 
West Bottoms Whiskey Co
Wood Hat Spirits 
Woodsman Distillery 


Bozeman Spirits 
Crawford Distilling 
Dry Hill Distillery 
Glacier Distilling 
Gulch Distillers
HeadFrame Spirits
Lolo Creek Distillery 
Montana Whiskey Company 
Montgomery Distillery 
Rattlesnake Creek Distillers
Steel Toe Distillery 
Stone House Distillery 
Trail Head Spirits
Undamned Spirits 
Whistling Andy Distillery 
Wild Rye Distilling 
Willie’s Distillery 

New Hampshire

Cathedral Ledge Distillery
Doire Distilling 
Djinn Spirits
Flag Hill Distillery
Live Free Distillery 
New England Sweetwater
Smoky Quartz Distillery 
Tamworth Distilling 

New Jersey

All Points West Distillery 
Asbury Park Distillery
Blue rascal Distillery
Cape May Distillery 
Claremont Distillery 
Colts Neck Stillhouse
Corgi Spirits
Dumb Ass Whiskey 
Garden State Distillery 
Independent Spirits Distillery 
Jersey Artisan Distilling 
Little Water Distillery
Milk Street Distillery 
Misunderstood Distillery 
Pine Tavern Distillery 
Silk City Distillery 
Skunktwon Distillery 
Sourland spirits
Tadmore Distillery 
Train Wreck Distillery 

New York

Arcane Distilling 
Black Dirt Distillery 
Breuckelen Distilling 
Catskill Distilling 
Cooper’s Daughter Spirits
Copper Sea
Current Spirits
Dennings Point Distillery 
Do Good Spirits
Finger Lakes Distilling 
Hillrock Distillery 
Hudson Valley Distillers
Hudson Whiskey 
King County Distillery
Long branch Distillery 
Long Island Spirits
Montauk Distilling Co
Moto Spirits
New York Distilling 
Orange County Distillery 
Shady Knoll Distillery
Standard Wormwood Distillery 
Taconic Distillery 
Vanbrunt Stillhouse
Widow Jane Distillery 


7 Trough Distilling 
H&C Distilling Company  
Frey Ranch

North Carolina

Asheville Distilling 
Bogue Sound Distillery 
Broad Branch Distillery 
Cultivated Cocktails
Defiant Whiskey
Elevated Mountain Distillery 
Fainting Goat Spirits
Great Wagon Road Distillery 
Mayberry Spirits
Mystic Distilling 
Mother Earth Spirits
Oak & Grist Distillery 
Old Nick Whiskey
Seven Jars Distillery 
Southern Distilling Company
Southern Grace Distilling 
Southern Mountain Distillery 
Topo Distillery 
Walton’s Distillery 


451 Spirits
Belle of Dayton
Candella Microdistillery
Cleveland Whiskey
Doc Howard Distillery 
Echo Spirits
ES Distillery
Shot Of Freedom
High Bank Company
Luca Mariano Distillery 
Middle West Spirits 
Minglewood Distilling 
M O Spirits 
Noble Cut Distillery 
Red Eagle Spirits 
Robert James Distillery 
Seven Brothers Distilling Co.
Staley Mill Farm and Distillery
Still Wrights
Toledo Spirits 
Toms Follery
West branch Malts
Western Reserved Distillers
Watershed Distillery
Woodstone Creek


1675 Spirits
Altered States Distilling 
Barrelhouse 6
Battlefield Brew Works
Blue Bird Distilling 
Cart Horse Distilling 
Chicken Hill Distillery 
Conneaut Cellars
County Seat Spirits 
Crost Water Distillery 

South Carolina

Burnt Church Distillery 
Carlolina Moon Distillery 
Charleston Distilling 
Chattooga Belle Farm Distillery 
Highwire Distilling
Hilton Head Distillery 
Palmetto Moonshine Distillery
Six & Twenty Distillery
Twelve 33 Distillery 


Chattanooga Whiskey
Corsair Distillery
George Dickel
Greenbrier Distilling Aka Belle Meade
Jack Daniels
Old Dominick Distillery 
Sugarland Distillery 
Uncle Nearest


A. Smith Bowman
Belmont Farm Distillery 
Blue Sky Distillery
Catoctin Creek Distilling
Copper Fox Distillery 
Falls Church Distillery 
George Washington Distillery 
Iron Clad Distilling 
KO Distilling 
Murlarkey Distillery 
Ragged Branch Distillery 
Reservoir Distillery
Silverback Distillery 
VA Distillery 

West Virginia

Smooth Ambler