Whiskey knowledge comes in many forms and it’s fun to have a place for resources in one spot. There are always a few key learnings that could come up from visiting a distillery [which you can find here] , talking to local bartender or traveling to an exciting whiskey driven location. This might lead to a thirst for deeper knowledge. Such as learning about grains, mash bills, fermentation, barrel management, bottling , branding distribution or licensing [but I digress.]

I wanted to help you out on this journey by putting together a listing for places for classes, tastings, certifications and higher education for the Whiskey enthusiast. This list was intended more for my continued whiskey knowledge.  When I have some more free time I can delve into the History of Whiskey. Teach myself how this divine liquid is made. I have not visited, taken or completed most of these courses. This is a listing for me to come back to and hope that you will find them informative as well.

Edinburgh Whiskey Academy : This on-line and in-person Academy is one that I have taken the Certificate of Irish Whiskey. I completed the course work in about 2 months, easy reading and basically absorbing all the interesting history of Irish Whiskey. Any of their on-line courses, I would recommend. In the future, I plan on taking an in-person course when the world re-opens after Covid-19.

In addition to this course, a fantastic resource is the book, “A Glass Apart” by Fionnan O’Conner. Invaluable resource material.

Stave and Thief : Both on-line and in person. This is the next place for me to learn to become a Executive Bourbon Steward.