Welcome to Whiskey Arts. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it is the work of Leonardo Da Vinci or Pablo Picasso, we all know what we like or dislike. Whiskey, like art work, can bring out the same opinions. This site is intended to educate, inform and just to have fun in the world of Whiskey.

If you are new to Whiskey, then I would recommend you start here. If you are Whiskey Enthusiast, then I would seek out traveling to one of the many distilleries that are in out exhaustive Distillery Index. Regardless where you start, Whiskey Arts is here to discuss some of the wonderful experiences that are available to the new and the experienced whiskey curious. From creating tastings with friends, traveling to distilleries, going to conventions, and receiving certifications about whiskey and it’s history; we are here to help you with that journey.